The Law Is A Misinformation Exercise.

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The law is discredited,it should be abandonned.

The psychiatric state is a fraud and a scam.It should be reprogramned alongside the military computer and the starwars defensive system.
It is known that it is in the process of medicating all military personel,which reveals the underlying plan to execute all of them.
It should introduce new digital and AI technology with altered operating systems, to reflect acurately the psychology of the populations, and also military interests,genuine defence and law.

It is not possible to separate nature into units of either male or female.Male genocide also kills the female,and vica versa.There has been and extinction and a genocide.This is the correct diagnosis.MK mind program is a fraud.
The new age,the social experiment,the new science is also a fraud.It is not going to happen.Our technology does not exist for us.We have been mugged.We require to be returned to ourselves into a time incarnation,without techn ology.We are not technolgy,and never will be.We are ourselves.Technology at best kills us and returns us to our nature.It is useless.

The Psychiatric State.

This New World Order Lie has never been interested in mental health improvement.It is a genecidal machinary to kill the populations, world wide.It is the software that is programned into the computer, and military computer.
It has been found out and it is desperate.It is trying to introduce mass Guilitine execuitions.It has installed these smart devices with face recognition software already.

Knock on Effect of My Defence Case.

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The politics initially triggerred in 1980 from my case were alongside the Government John Lennon killing exercise.
These profiles were targeted on a large scale and a scret inteligence program created to eliminate them.The accusation that they were legitimate targets is not true, they were a Men In Black exercise because they knew too much.It is true that their psychologies were not desirable,but they were not terrorist or a threat to security.The were a mamagement problem and also an asset for the governments to exploit.
It goes further than this and it has uncovered, if you research carefully, an extermination program of undesireables for a very long time.It is now apparent from witness statements on the internet,that governments have been authorising murders and kidnaps,(and worse) of millions of people world wide every year, including children.That they have also been controlling and encouraging the sex,drug and music trade since its beginning.
The 300,000 official statistic of people that go missing each year in the UK is not teliing the truth.It is more than this and includes many children.

What this means to the legal system and system in general is that it is a fraud and a façade.For those incarcerated in prisons and hospitals it means they can never get back again because,by definition,they will too much.
It is highly covered up what government policy is towards these people.What I can tell you that these detainees are not incarcerated for legal reasons.It has nothing whatsoever to do with law.The mental health facilities are not concerned with "clients" mental health, nor ever have been.If they were to "recover" they would have to be killed, as they would know what is going on.Same in prisons.They are used for experimentation.


Our goulag or prison system is a mirror of life itself.Life is a prison also.It is also in for a penny in for a pound, as is the prison system.The prison system dictates a psychology clear of original sin to qualify for release.this is irrespective of whether the charge against the in mate is of murder or shoplifting offences.Not many people know this.It is similar world wide.Of course we know this is not possible as it would take many lifetimes, and therefore , as is little known , it is not possible for release.The home office policy is this country, basically, is to bump them off when they get out the front door.They know too much.Similar in all countries.Noteable in Russian goulags, (as stated by our propaganda).
Our psychiatric state is the same thing as the prison legal system, except they are defining the psychopathic dissorder that is the result of original sin as mental illness.i.e.from the breakdown of the marriage as a top security high risk mental health seriously dangerous risk.Instead of a life prison sentance.
In other words they are definig evil as mental illness, and good to be enforced by parliament and the courts.
A very schizophrenic sitiation,,,, ????
The law is an ass, it is a load of rubbish.It doesn't exist, but if seen to do so, we can all plod along

Legal Talk.It Doesnt Work.

The legal system has to be enforced.It also needs a facillity to correct or treat people.A noble and civilized society has compassion,and rightly so.Howevevr the expertise and skills required to staff prisons etc are not easilly come by, and in the UK , they are no longer available, which means that we have a prison system that does not work.Likewise with mental health treatment.It is doubtful if the system has ever worked.This is an example typical of our institutions where the practise does not live up to theory. This is nearly always the case,and is due partly due to the imbalance of power between the elite and the masses., and the wealth distribution.(I am not claiming to be Marxist).

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This page is intended for those detained under the mental health laws.It is related to the legal side of psychiatric detentions an sections.A link to my Patmoor journal is given beneath.
It is a place to comment, link and keep up with information on the subject.


Law is a basic principal of nature and enables a sytem to function that is in line with human nature.It is assosiated with religion heavilly and many people see it as an exercise in right and wrong, good and evil.This is not so, evil is not against the law,as good is not against the law, (although either could brake the law).In genesis it says that we are on a path of both good and evil to attain knowledge.Sin is equated to law, by many and therefore the root of law is at original sin. This would be the point that indicates that we have boken the law and thereafter punished, until we pay the debt.All other law breaking and sin follows from this.This is the common view.But it is not the case.The religion does not see it as breaking the law and punishment.It sees it as path of knowledge, ( good and evil).Life is introduced at this point ( Genesis) where it did not exist previously,( the tree of life).The gods did not offer punishment so much for original sin,but Life.You could say life sentance.This is indicated to be a process of many re-incarnations.eare born into the deep end,(life).There is no way of avoiding it.
So law is not a case of right and wrong, good and evil as people seem to assume.Mostly nowadays it is a set of rules that enable the system to operate.The system also breaks the laws of nature,and human nature.
The comandments are the basis for human law,and are in line with societies rules.They are the rules to attain knowledge for evolution as well.
As said earlier we have had our self defence gene removed. Our killing gene, so we are susceptable to problems that nature throws at us.We are supposed to deal with our problems by obeying the rules, and basic comandments.

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I will make a note here as to the reason these posts can get somewhat distant to what may be considered Legal matters.
The digital system has confused military and police computer politics.This can be explained as to how come the full weight of the law can follow from a simpe shoplifting case or small midemeanour.A perfect example being David Koresh of the Branch Davidian religious sect. They used tanks and automatic machine guns to kill the whole lot of them, including many small children.Then burned the place down to cover up the evidence.He was to be questioned.he hadnt actually broken the law.
This is a AI computer nuclear defence system.Starwars Defence.No wonder its perfect defence.It murders everybody before the enemy does.
The current state of the art of the Legal System is this.It is a part of the Military Starwars Defence System.
Anyone who prepares a defence against a legal prosecuiti kn ows that they are going to take on themilitary courts.
we are under matial law,in effec

The Next Mistake

The next mistake to not in the machine construction, is how it has taken resposibillity from the indevidual to deal with its problems, trangressions etc and delivered them to the state.This has been stung and even the state cant deal with its problem/transgressions, meaning no-one can.
The diminished responsibillity factor is built in, yet we must take responsibillity for our selves.