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November 10th, 2006


There is a profound differrance between The Law and a load of rules.All the rules in the world will not compensate for the law.Nature is the law anyway, and these principals were utilized in the formation of our laws.
The law has broken down irrecoverably for quite a few years,now,and it is no use introducing draconian measures to prevent it after the horse has bolted.The correct course is to address the results as now stand from the "crime".It is not possible to bring the body back to life which the lawlords and government are trying to do. Asses and donkeys, all of them,with their stringent deterrants measures.
One could say that the criminal has won and the law has lost.That the murder has been done and therefore there is no longer a requirement to do it again.Logically,we dont now need the law.It is dead.It could be now that this reversal of circumstances changes the Law. That it would now be an arrestable offence,with a life prison term, not to do the "murder".
This is nature true.Therefore,The Law.
The judiciary, to complete the sum, would have to enforce by law,"to do the murder" and then change the law back again, to complete the sum.Then the punishment deterrant correction could be applied, and the result acheived.It is a mystery , what lies beyond the equals sign of this sum, although many people assume that they can predict the result.It is a very dodgy criminal who spends the money before it is robbed.This is not a safe bet.
This would complete the nature mathematics of our law.

Is this the catch 22 of schizophreneia? That we are indefinately detained for not doing the murder? Our release cannot be implimented until the murder has been done, but requiring our release , so as to do?
The proffesors who have correcdtly computed the formula of Time, must now return to the beggining, from Times End, to do their murder, before they can be released from the prison of Time.They have stranded the human race on their quantum computers.
What profit the hungry of the world with microsofts solution. Just one egg for breakfast? for Hal?


The one sided arguement thatour legal system delivers,with its state legal aid lawyers is all well to found out to be a lie by those that find themselves in the dock.The almighty uncontested psychiatric opinions that prevail as the major law politic, are key here and have never been challenged.
However the answer to this,on a meagre defence council budget does not wield a biros worth of defence against the supercomputers of the state prosecutiuon councils. A very one sided affair.
However the funds/budgeting, if applied, could reverse or turnabout the situation.
If they facilitated footwork and research to cross-check the majority of half truths and dodgy doctor opinions,they would certainly dispel the myth that these High-Priests have any credibillity. A catologue of inperceptions and imaginations would be revealed.And it is not without case, that they are virused minds as anyone else, to deliver delusions ,from errors of Mof society have political assainated their mutant enemies by these well paid dogs ,for far to long.
Those on the wrong side of the law-fence andthose that work with victims of law,know only to well that there is a mountain of misinformation and faulty opinion,which would rock the system to its roots if looked at in this modern time under the new found tool of Information Technology.
This by the very system that convicted, would free a great deal of misdeneamours, whose profile has been amplified to fit criminal atrocity.
I currently conclude that the legal profession does not want to upset the staus quo, and therefore, apparantly, does not want to see justice prevail.No action is being forged ahead, here.

Why dont they make the appropriately large financial investment to sperate these areas of fact and fiction,with the new Information Technology tools?
A machinary that devoted 98% of its resourses to locking people away and less than 2% percent in their defence is a monstrous machinary.
It was never meant to be like this.

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