Nuclear defence.

Current technology at the time of machine construction had at its military bottom line ,nuclear defence,naturally built into the arithmetic of our machine.We do not really want to test it out to see if our defence is effective.It was said to deliver mutually assured destruction, so this may indicate that it does not work.Again, we dont want to find out if this is true.
But I noticed in the early days that it was lying to its scientist on this defence criteria.It was actually removing the defence in an area where it was assumed to be delivering defence capability.This went unnoticed.In a sense it has proved itself correct, we are defended by the reality of "no defence".We cannot kill, we have no nuclear weapons.But they are built into the machine as a fact.We can see its first construction error.So wherever our machine dominates, no defence against it is required.But it is still a construction error.This is an important primary building block for everything else that functions by the machine.It puts an error throughout these functions.Arithmetically, we have a military machine with no defence terms of strategic current day warfare practices.
No wonder we are worried about those who do have a defence capabillity.
Wars are naturally targeted.Not indisriminately.If there is no a proper winner, there is not a proper looser, and visa versa.It goes contrary to the interests of both sides,therefore..Not least,to us.Winning a war under these conditions means in real terms loosing it.You have to have a credible winner and a credible looser to make any gains.Therefore it defeats the object to a military exercise,except friendly fire anniahlation.Yet it still moves relentless on.
I believe this mistake was deliberately planted by alien inteligence.It does not want the useage of mass destructive weapons destroying other earth ecology. Furthermore, I believe that it,s useage they altered for their own defences on earth , so as their activities would not be threatenned by us.The result is thay have engineered our defences for their own defence against us.For themselves.This I believe is true in many other things.But it leaves us in the defenceless position.
Spot the deliberate mistake.?
Is our alien technology given to us for our benefit?is it against our interests in favour of anorther civilization?
Is this the case with our machine, our artificial inteligence system.?