Legal points re a machine society.

Logical circuits must run the same for all.You cannot bend machine rules they are impersonnel.Otherwise they wont work for anyone.The fat and the ugly alike. Sad fact.
We are corrupted by people in positions machine button-pushing power.Biological computers.It is corrupted by button pushers.Law is seriously broken in all areas of life by these machine button pushers.
This is the reason for the breakdown in society.Corruption, from within.Its defences and laws have become against our interests and why our defences are contrary to our interests,It is built wrongly and has also become our life support system.Therefore it is offering artificial life support.Fake.
It is very difficult to alter the machine, or understand it.It may be by intelligent design, some of it., in one area, It indicates alien interferrance at a high level.
The machine ary software is supposed to be programmed by laws introduced by parliament, but we know it is a xorrupt intelligence and military fkiddle tha has got us into this position.One only hopes they k ow teir way to unpick us back out of trouble.Probably not.
IT techniques will verify the breakdown of our human machinary.This is why we have used the AI.