Legal Talk (hamishlegal) wrote,
Legal Talk

Schizophrenic Defence.

There is no point in firing at the enemy after you have been hit, in terms of self defence.In psychology departments warfare this rule is not the same.It is not correct to induce the reverse, for the pupose of ligitimizing an attack.War is not a game of tennis to score points , it is for a purpose, therefore the psychology games are no good.there is no point in legitimizing a target to hit, for the wrong reason, or the wrong time.What is a technically correct target, may apply in one circumstance or time,. But not to another.Shcizophreneic targets are the norm in our machine and they are a massive error, serve no purpose and are a loosing startegy.It is an action after a loss, not before.This is the way are machine is constructed.Because it has lost its defence capabillity, as outlined below.It is inventing an imaginary sucessful war, and machinery to flatter human psychology.It is moving ever deeper into defeat.The machine just doesnt work in favour of the human psychology.Its buttons can never be pushed successfully by human hand.
The only way our military and goverment machine can stay in business is to create its own legitamacy, by fabricating an imaginary target, and pushing real buttons on it.Launching an unlawfull schizophrenic attack for the purpose of inducing a response, to give it legitamacy.
Human hand can be seen to be toatally illegal.
We are so addicted to computers,we invent reasons and uses for them, where no use or reason exists.Virtual reality is created.Not real, but legitimized as a reality.It is but another name for a shizophrenic reality.We have outlawed the real reality, and therefore have lost by this tactic.It is a lie.Unlawful, and prosecuteable under its own rules.
It knocks itself out, unless we live on borrowed time, from our targets, enemies.
A friendly fire disaster.
This outlines where psycology truths and physical realities part ways.We know that this should not be.We know our social model is incorrect.Our artificial inteligence is built wrongly and needs rebuilding,for our future wellbeing.

In conclusion the machine operates on the schizophrenic psycology that it is designed to eliminate.A built-in mistake. We cannot alter it.
It finds it neccassary to be scientifically accurate, due to its destructive power, but to justify this it has to falsify targets to stay in business, because in truth ( of its own making), there are o targets.

We are more than 25 years to late to pull the trigger on our enemies,as they are in Ameica and must accept the fact.This goes against the grain of human psycology.We are accurately identified as a Paper Tiger.Very intelligent man, is Mao Tse Tung.
I could not support the scientific accuracy of our machines design.Before the horse has bolted I might have done so.
My view is we should be more careful of our foreign policy, re -these machine politics.
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