The law drawn up in 1953, and 1983,,,,,,,

Mental health acts of 1953, 1983 and 2007.these may have been well intentioned but have been corrupted as all laws are by the court decisions that make adjustments to them, to protect the elite from prosecution and also defend thier ill gotten profits.
These laws are designed to prevent actions that are not rationally based inflicting misadventure and harm on others.
It definately qualifies that such actions by bent politicians, police, barristers and doctors,are subject to this self same law as their clients.As This is now a widespread reality.The machinary can not be trusted to human hand in all sectors of society, outside information technologies.And this istself would be subject to misuse if human control was put in place.
Therefore we must accept that we no longer have a govt. ,a law or medical authority.