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I will make a note here as to the reason these posts can get somewhat distant to what may be considered Legal matters.
The digital system has confused military and police computer politics.This can be explained as to how come the full weight of the law can follow from a simpe shoplifting case or small midemeanour.A perfect example being David Koresh of the Branch Davidian religious sect. They used tanks and automatic machine guns to kill the whole lot of them, including many small children.Then burned the place down to cover up the evidence.He was to be questioned.he hadnt actually broken the law.
This is a AI computer nuclear defence system.Starwars Defence.No wonder its perfect defence.It murders everybody before the enemy does.
The current state of the art of the Legal System is this.It is a part of the Military Starwars Defence System.
Anyone who prepares a defence against a legal prosecuiti kn ows that they are going to take on themilitary courts.
we are under matial law,in effec