Legal Talk (hamishlegal) wrote,
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Our goulag or prison system is a mirror of life itself.Life is a prison also.It is also in for a penny in for a pound, as is the prison system.The prison system dictates a psychology clear of original sin to qualify for release.this is irrespective of whether the charge against the in mate is of murder or shoplifting offences.Not many people know this.It is similar world wide.Of course we know this is not possible as it would take many lifetimes, and therefore , as is little known , it is not possible for release.The home office policy is this country, basically, is to bump them off when they get out the front door.They know too much.Similar in all countries.Noteable in Russian goulags, (as stated by our propaganda).
Our psychiatric state is the same thing as the prison legal system, except they are defining the psychopathic dissorder that is the result of original sin as mental illness.i.e.from the breakdown of the marriage as a top security high risk mental health seriously dangerous risk.Instead of a life prison sentance.
In other words they are definig evil as mental illness, and good to be enforced by parliament and the courts.
A very schizophrenic sitiation,,,, ????
The law is an ass, it is a load of rubbish.It doesn't exist, but if seen to do so, we can all plod along
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