Knock on Effect of My Defence Case.

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The politics initially triggerred in 1980 from my case were alongside the Government John Lennon killing exercise.
These profiles were targeted on a large scale and a scret inteligence program created to eliminate them.The accusation that they were legitimate targets is not true, they were a Men In Black exercise because they knew too much.It is true that their psychologies were not desirable,but they were not terrorist or a threat to security.The were a mamagement problem and also an asset for the governments to exploit.
It goes further than this and it has uncovered, if you research carefully, an extermination program of undesireables for a very long time.It is now apparent from witness statements on the internet,that governments have been authorising murders and kidnaps,(and worse) of millions of people world wide every year, including children.That they have also been controlling and encouraging the sex,drug and music trade since its beginning.
The 300,000 official statistic of people that go missing each year in the UK is not teliing the truth.It is more than this and includes many children.

What this means to the legal system and system in general is that it is a fraud and a façade.For those incarcerated in prisons and hospitals it means they can never get back again because,by definition,they will too much.
It is highly covered up what government policy is towards these people.What I can tell you that these detainees are not incarcerated for legal reasons.It has nothing whatsoever to do with law.The mental health facilities are not concerned with "clients" mental health, nor ever have been.If they were to "recover" they would have to be killed, as they would know what is going on.Same in prisons.They are used for experimentation.