The Law Is A Misinformation Exercise.

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The law is discredited,it should be abandonned.

The psychiatric state is a fraud and a scam.It should be reprogramned alongside the military computer and the starwars defensive system.
It is known that it is in the process of medicating all military personel,which reveals the underlying plan to execute all of them.
It should introduce new digital and AI technology with altered operating systems, to reflect acurately the psychology of the populations, and also military interests,genuine defence and law.

It is not possible to separate nature into units of either male or female.Male genocide also kills the female,and vica versa.There has been and extinction and a genocide.This is the correct diagnosis.MK mind program is a fraud.
The new age,the social experiment,the new science is also a fraud.It is not going to happen.Our technology does not exist for us.We have been mugged.We require to be returned to ourselves into a time incarnation,without techn ology.We are not technolgy,and never will be.We are ourselves.Technology at best kills us and returns us to our nature.It is useless.