HAMISH. Biggest Case in Legal History?


The only piece of material available against my name is a single conviction in 1979 for manslaughter.OtherwiseI have almost an almost exepmlary CV which would be the envy of an Oxford post graduate, and international sportsman.
My case has been the centre of political and legal contravery for 27 years and still is today, 10 years after discharge.
It is in fact such an unsafe verdict that whether guilty or not it is basically thrown out.However the law does not rest its case having done this.It is nothing to do with manslaughter whatsoevr, the entire weight of the machine has been seen to press it every button to ensure the lid does not come off this one.
The manslaughter itself, I have written about elsewhere, in my live journal pages,and at worst would deliver three years detention as a self defense response, by English Laws, if a successful prosecution was offerred.
FRom the begging to the end, I have been denied legal defence.Also I have whilst been detained , instructed what to say, and have had no licence to deliver my own views or testimony.It has been forbidden that I should have any part in my own case.LOnly government legal barristers and solicitors have been allowed to represent me and they have catorgorically refused to deliver any material that I instruct them to deliver, or legal defence that introduces material contrary to what the Depts of govt dictate.
I have for many years been drug tortured and put in sensory deprivation conditions, until I "shut my mouth".
I was basically, targetted for elimination as soon as my release was implimented, and found housing ,with a "pre-arraged hit neighbourhhood hit squad" awaiting, programmned frpm the experimental laboritories of the instute of psychiatries, psyco-killers.
All contacte from the beggining were neutralized, and this has stepped up since my voice has reached out, to some very nastytricks from our goverment.
The entire neighbourhood has been basically under seige and anyone the knws anything has been worse than eliminated, whether 3 years old. or 93 years old.

So the cas e itself not only is thrown out on the facts, it is discredited for reasons such as this.
Furthwrmore it dleivers indictments far worse to a mountain of respectable people, who have been and still are perpertrating a catologue of horror crimes, with state protection and backing.

And by no means least, indicates that meany, many other detainees are political prisoneers, in this horrific way, which, I do testify to.

Look at this.In 1995 i won my discahrge and release to a open hostelled housing.This was interferred with by the reluctant services,delays were implimentd,I was "encouraged" to go through an open unit for a "few weeks".However , this few weks got renewed every few weeks until it came to the showdown they illegally decided that I was not "suitable".Return papers were drawn up and I scarpered.A runner.
A huge police curtain drew down on all stations and ports.Alarms and panic went nation wide. I was priority news buliten on every TV staion in the Uk at prime time viewings of 6 oclock and 10 o,clock in the evenin. And lengthy bullitin items were delivered at that, stating that I was an extremely dangerous schizophrenic knife killer, and certainly on my way to kill old enemies.It was acertained by govt experts that i would probably kill within hours and should not be approached. I saw all this on telly in my hide-out.
So when a week or 2 passed and spates of mystterios killings had not been deliverred, there was a serious, question asked as to where these opinions arouse. After 5 months I returned without incedent, due to survival problems, was examined as mentally healthy, and the case against nme was deastroyed, toatlly and catorgorically. My legal status as a discharged prisonner, was not affected by this episode and should, still not have been detained for one day, yet it took a year to go through the machinary of finding another accomadation.
From thjen on a catologue of lies was one by one comming to light, heavy censorships and house arrest politics were delivered, it was an open secret tha i was a no go area due to ploice/inteligence super-targetting.
However After successfullyappealing against one of the repeated detainments and sectioning attempts of the local services, inn 2003, I decided to paly a bit of guitar and record an album.It was within a year that 3 albums by myself were released,and another later that shocked everybody on the music scene and freaked the goverment out of its mind. It just had no answer to this one. They had actually on that unsuccessful sectioning order used as a creiteria, that I was operating delusionally and giving cause for concern,stating as definitive evidence and example, that I had made the absurd claim that I was going to put a band on the road, finance it, and record a few albums.The "doctor" saw this as sufficient evidence to put a 10 year holding order on me.Unsucessfully. So they were caught badly here, and this is only one of many similar instances. TRhis sort of thing is the norm within the institutions.
How have they been getting away with it?By destroying the evidence.They have had this abillity for a long time that is now weakenning considerably, especially in a case such as mine.yes I have had contract killers paid to eliminmate me, on many occasions now, and this sort thing has reached a crecendo since these events have come to pass.
There is a non stop catalogue of examples such as this that for 25 years amount to a condemning case of gencide, by the British government.( If of course it is the British govt, pulling strings at no.10.which I think unlikely.)