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Identifying the mistake in our system.

Our machine is has its roots in Law.It is built bupwards from the these pricipals, self defence and money/property laws.Once running smoothly, the western machine rakes in a massive fortune, enough to finance huge armies , police, NHS, Benefits, pensions, contruction industries etc.So no wonder they wish to keep this archiac, old fashioned, out of date,institutional system of Queen Victoria, going.
The truth is that they would pay criminals to carry on breaking the law, if this is all they can do to keep the legal system going, or stich up not-guilty indeviduals for a 20 years prison sentance.Or terrorists or schizophrenics to do the same.
This is actually what does go on.For many , many years.

The law drawn up in 1953, and 1983,,,,,,,

Mental health acts of 1953, 1983 and 2007.these may have been well intentioned but have been corrupted as all laws are by the court decisions that make adjustments to them, to protect the elite from prosecution and also defend thier ill gotten profits.
These laws are designed to prevent actions that are not rationally based inflicting misadventure and harm on others.
It definately qualifies that such actions by bent politicians, police, barristers and doctors,are subject to this self same law as their clients.As This is now a widespread reality.The machinary can not be trusted to human hand in all sectors of society, outside information technologies.And this istself would be subject to misuse if human control was put in place.
Therefore we must accept that we no longer have a govt. ,a law or medical authority.

Schizophrenic Defence.

There is no point in firing at the enemy after you have been hit, in terms of self defence.In psychology departments warfare this rule is not the same.It is not correct to induce the reverse, for the pupose of ligitimizing an attack.War is not a game of tennis to score points , it is for a purpose, therefore the psychology games are no good.there is no point in legitimizing a target to hit, for the wrong reason, or the wrong time.What is a technically correct target, may apply in one circumstance or time,. But not to another.Shcizophreneic targets are the norm in our machine and they are a massive error, serve no purpose and are a loosing startegy.It is an action after a loss, not before.This is the way are machine is constructed.Because it has lost its defence capabillity, as outlined below.It is inventing an imaginary sucessful war, and machinery to flatter human psychology.It is moving ever deeper into defeat.The machine just doesnt work in favour of the human psychology.Its buttons can never be pushed successfully by human hand.
The only way our military and goverment machine can stay in business is to create its own legitamacy, by fabricating an imaginary target, and pushing real buttons on it.Launching an unlawfull schizophrenic attack for the purpose of inducing a response, to give it legitamacy.
Human hand can be seen to be toatally illegal.
We are so addicted to computers,we invent reasons and uses for them, where no use or reason exists.Virtual reality is created.Not real, but legitimized as a reality.It is but another name for a shizophrenic reality.We have outlawed the real reality, and therefore have lost by this tactic.It is a lie.Unlawful, and prosecuteable under its own rules.
It knocks itself out, unless we live on borrowed time, from our targets, enemies.
A friendly fire disaster.
This outlines where psycology truths and physical realities part ways.We know that this should not be.We know our social model is incorrect.Our artificial inteligence is built wrongly and needs rebuilding,for our future wellbeing.

In conclusion the machine operates on the schizophrenic psycology that it is designed to eliminate.A built-in mistake. We cannot alter it.
It finds it neccassary to be scientifically accurate, due to its destructive power, but to justify this it has to falsify targets to stay in business, because in truth ( of its own making), there are o targets.

We are more than 25 years to late to pull the trigger on our enemies,as they are in Ameica and must accept the fact.This goes against the grain of human psycology.We are accurately identified as a Paper Tiger.Very intelligent man, is Mao Tse Tung.
I could not support the scientific accuracy of our machines design.Before the horse has bolted I might have done so.
My view is we should be more careful of our foreign policy, re -these machine politics.

Legal points re a machine society.

Logical circuits must run the same for all.You cannot bend machine rules they are impersonnel.Otherwise they wont work for anyone.The fat and the ugly alike. Sad fact.
We are corrupted by people in positions machine button-pushing power.Biological computers.It is corrupted by button pushers.Law is seriously broken in all areas of life by these machine button pushers.
This is the reason for the breakdown in society.Corruption, from within.Its defences and laws have become against our interests and why our defences are contrary to our interests,It is built wrongly and has also become our life support system.Therefore it is offering artificial life support.Fake.
It is very difficult to alter the machine, or understand it.It may be by intelligent design, some of it., in one area, It indicates alien interferrance at a high level.
The machine ary software is supposed to be programmed by laws introduced by parliament, but we know it is a xorrupt intelligence and military fkiddle tha has got us into this position.One only hopes they k ow teir way to unpick us back out of trouble.Probably not.
IT techniques will verify the breakdown of our human machinary.This is why we have used the AI.

Nuclear defence.

Current technology at the time of machine construction had at its military bottom line ,nuclear defence,naturally built into the arithmetic of our machine.We do not really want to test it out to see if our defence is effective.It was said to deliver mutually assured destruction, so this may indicate that it does not work.Again, we dont want to find out if this is true.
But I noticed in the early days that it was lying to its scientist on this defence criteria.It was actually removing the defence in an area where it was assumed to be delivering defence capability.This went unnoticed.In a sense it has proved itself correct, we are defended by the reality of "no defence".We cannot kill, we have no nuclear weapons.But they are built into the machine as a fact.We can see its first construction error.So wherever our machine dominates, no defence against it is required.But it is still a construction error.This is an important primary building block for everything else that functions by the machine.It puts an error throughout these functions.Arithmetically, we have a military machine with no defence cabability.in terms of strategic current day warfare practices.
No wonder we are worried about those who do have a defence capabillity.
Wars are naturally targeted.Not indisriminately.If there is no a proper winner, there is not a proper looser, and visa versa.It goes contrary to the interests of both sides,therefore..Not least,to us.Winning a war under these conditions means in real terms loosing it.You have to have a credible winner and a credible looser to make any gains.Therefore it defeats the object to a military exercise,except friendly fire anniahlation.Yet it still moves relentless on.
I believe this mistake was deliberately planted by alien inteligence.It does not want the useage of mass destructive weapons destroying other earth ecology. Furthermore, I believe that it,s useage they altered for their own defences on earth , so as their activities would not be threatenned by us.The result is thay have engineered our defences for their own defence against us.For themselves.This I believe is true in many other things.But it leaves us in the defenceless position.
Spot the deliberate mistake.?
Is our alien technology given to us for our benefit?is it against our interests in favour of anorther civilization?
Is this the case with our machine, our artificial inteligence system.?


The one sided arguement thatour legal system delivers,with its state legal aid lawyers is all well to found out to be a lie by those that find themselves in the dock.The almighty uncontested psychiatric opinions that prevail as the major law politic, are key here and have never been challenged.
However the answer to this,on a meagre defence council budget does not wield a biros worth of defence against the supercomputers of the state prosecutiuon councils. A very one sided affair.
However the funds/budgeting, if applied, could reverse or turnabout the situation.
If they facilitated footwork and research to cross-check the majority of half truths and dodgy doctor opinions,they would certainly dispel the myth that these High-Priests have any credibillity. A catologue of inperceptions and imaginations would be revealed.And it is not without case, that they are virused minds as anyone else, to deliver delusions ,from errors of Mof society have political assainated their mutant enemies by these well paid dogs ,for far to long.
Those on the wrong side of the law-fence andthose that work with victims of law,know only to well that there is a mountain of misinformation and faulty opinion,which would rock the system to its roots if looked at in this modern time under the new found tool of Information Technology.
This by the very system that convicted, would free a great deal of misdeneamours, whose profile has been amplified to fit criminal atrocity.
I currently conclude that the legal profession does not want to upset the staus quo, and therefore, apparantly, does not want to see justice prevail.No action is being forged ahead, here.

Why dont they make the appropriately large financial investment to sperate these areas of fact and fiction,with the new Information Technology tools?
A machinary that devoted 98% of its resourses to locking people away and less than 2% percent in their defence is a monstrous machinary.
It was never meant to be like this.


There is a profound differrance between The Law and a load of rules.All the rules in the world will not compensate for the law.Nature is the law anyway, and these principals were utilized in the formation of our laws.
The law has broken down irrecoverably for quite a few years,now,and it is no use introducing draconian measures to prevent it after the horse has bolted.The correct course is to address the results as now stand from the "crime".It is not possible to bring the body back to life which the lawlords and government are trying to do. Asses and donkeys, all of them,with their stringent deterrants measures.
One could say that the criminal has won and the law has lost.That the murder has been done and therefore there is no longer a requirement to do it again.Logically,we dont now need the law.It is dead.It could be now that this reversal of circumstances changes the Law. That it would now be an arrestable offence,with a life prison term, not to do the "murder".
This is nature true.Therefore,The Law.
The judiciary, to complete the sum, would have to enforce by law,"to do the murder" and then change the law back again, to complete the sum.Then the punishment deterrant correction could be applied, and the result acheived.It is a mystery , what lies beyond the equals sign of this sum, although many people assume that they can predict the result.It is a very dodgy criminal who spends the money before it is robbed.This is not a safe bet.
This would complete the nature mathematics of our law.

Is this the catch 22 of schizophreneia? That we are indefinately detained for not doing the murder? Our release cannot be implimented until the murder has been done, but requiring our release , so as to do?
The proffesors who have correcdtly computed the formula of Time, must now return to the beggining, from Times End, to do their murder, before they can be released from the prison of Time.They have stranded the human race on their quantum computers.
What profit the hungry of the world with microsofts solution. Just one egg for breakfast? for Hal?


I have written a cutingly accurate article on the law errors of these last 25 years, perhaps striking a bulseye, of critism of our key government mistakes, and blunders.It is written up on my other live journal page under user name "hamish".
It really should be on this page so please refer to it.

HAMISH. Biggest Case in Legal History?


The only piece of material available against my name is a single conviction in 1979 for manslaughter.OtherwiseI have almost an almost exepmlary CV which would be the envy of an Oxford post graduate, and international sportsman.
My case has been the centre of political and legal contravery for 27 years and still is today, 10 years after discharge.
It is in fact such an unsafe verdict that whether guilty or not it is basically thrown out.However the law does not rest its case having done this.It is nothing to do with manslaughter whatsoevr, the entire weight of the machine has been seen to press it every button to ensure the lid does not come off this one.
The manslaughter itself, I have written about elsewhere, in my live journal pages,and at worst would deliver three years detention as a self defense response, by English Laws, if a successful prosecution was offerred.
FRom the begging to the end, I have been denied legal defence.Also I have whilst been detained , instructed what to say, and have had no licence to deliver my own views or testimony.It has been forbidden that I should have any part in my own case.LOnly government legal barristers and solicitors have been allowed to represent me and they have catorgorically refused to deliver any material that I instruct them to deliver, or legal defence that introduces material contrary to what the Depts of govt dictate.
I have for many years been drug tortured and put in sensory deprivation conditions, until I "shut my mouth".
I was basically, targetted for elimination as soon as my release was implimented, and found housing ,with a "pre-arraged hit neighbourhhood hit squad" awaiting, programmned frpm the experimental laboritories of the instute of psychiatries, psyco-killers.
All contacte from the beggining were neutralized, and this has stepped up since my voice has reached out, to some very nastytricks from our goverment.
The entire neighbourhood has been basically under seige and anyone the knws anything has been worse than eliminated, whether 3 years old. or 93 years old.

So the cas e itself not only is thrown out on the facts, it is discredited for reasons such as this.
Furthwrmore it dleivers indictments far worse to a mountain of respectable people, who have been and still are perpertrating a catologue of horror crimes, with state protection and backing.

And by no means least, indicates that meany, many other detainees are political prisoneers, in this horrific way, which, I do testify to.

Look at this.In 1995 i won my discahrge and release to a open hostelled housing.This was interferred with by the reluctant services,delays were implimentd,I was "encouraged" to go through an open unit for a "few weeks".However , this few weks got renewed every few weeks until it came to the showdown they illegally decided that I was not "suitable".Return papers were drawn up and I scarpered.A runner.
A huge police curtain drew down on all stations and ports.Alarms and panic went nation wide. I was priority news buliten on every TV staion in the Uk at prime time viewings of 6 oclock and 10 o,clock in the evenin. And lengthy bullitin items were delivered at that, stating that I was an extremely dangerous schizophrenic knife killer, and certainly on my way to kill old enemies.It was acertained by govt experts that i would probably kill within hours and should not be approached. I saw all this on telly in my hide-out.
So when a week or 2 passed and spates of mystterios killings had not been deliverred, there was a serious, question asked as to where these opinions arouse. After 5 months I returned without incedent, due to survival problems, was examined as mentally healthy, and the case against nme was deastroyed, toatlly and catorgorically. My legal status as a discharged prisonner, was not affected by this episode and should, still not have been detained for one day, yet it took a year to go through the machinary of finding another accomadation.
From thjen on a catologue of lies was one by one comming to light, heavy censorships and house arrest politics were delivered, it was an open secret tha i was a no go area due to ploice/inteligence super-targetting.
However After successfullyappealing against one of the repeated detainments and sectioning attempts of the local services, inn 2003, I decided to paly a bit of guitar and record an album.It was within a year that 3 albums by myself were released,and another later that shocked everybody on the music scene and freaked the goverment out of its mind. It just had no answer to this one. They had actually on that unsuccessful sectioning order used as a creiteria, that I was operating delusionally and giving cause for concern,stating as definitive evidence and example, that I had made the absurd claim that I was going to put a band on the road, finance it, and record a few albums.The "doctor" saw this as sufficient evidence to put a 10 year holding order on me.Unsucessfully. So they were caught badly here, and this is only one of many similar instances. TRhis sort of thing is the norm within the institutions.
How have they been getting away with it?By destroying the evidence.They have had this abillity for a long time that is now weakenning considerably, especially in a case such as mine.yes I have had contract killers paid to eliminmate me, on many occasions now, and this sort thing has reached a crecendo since these events have come to pass.
There is a non stop catalogue of examples such as this that for 25 years amount to a condemning case of gencide, by the British government.( If of course it is the British govt, pulling strings at no.10.which I think unlikely.)
Tried at the old bailley in 1979 for manslaughter,the decision was gulty under diminished responsibillity.Prosecution said that I had killed for no apparant reason the husband of a woman with whom I had a delusional relationship.I pleaded not guilty and my defense lawyer offered no defence.
I had no recourse to appeal or legal action thereafter.I was not asked my views,and was forbidden to challenge the view.I received no treatment uther than horrific drug treatments and isolation.
It was not until 1995 that I could get the opportunity to legal favours, wherby I had learnt the law proceedures myself and gained an unwelcom conditional discharge to a open hostel.however I did not get this far before being returned under a illegal pretext, and thus absconded/escaped to shine a light on this failure.Five months later, returning due to difficulties in survival.However my profile under escape was so high that worldwide nets went down as far, I am told as picture posters as far away as stations in Australia.It was claimed that I would kill again within hours and the same female at my trial would be in certain peril of loosing her life. I was high priority news bulletins on all the TV news stations in the UK for a full week.
However as time past the error of the profile became apparant, and on return 5 months later the root of their case had been destroyed with no incedents occuring.In good mental health on return. This made it easy one year later to be legally entitled to enact my already gained discharge to a paid flat in Chiswick.Two years later I moved to Richmond, where I now live as a sucessful recording artist, and straightenned much of the oppressive profile.
Of course there was never an arguement anyway,Having no futher incedent,or additional corroboration, substantiation of this profile since that illfated time.On the contrary,in fact,very shortly afterwards. Even 18 years later professor Halstead from the institute of psychiatry, who was commisioned to do a detailed review of my case, concluded that no cast iron evidence had been found , throughout the 18 years extensive and provocative experimentation by the departments of experimental psychology. Furthermore I had for the first time the oportunity to offer a voice, and when it was confirmed and supported by common knowledge, my claim that the female concerned had been my lover, who had life insured the victim specifically to pay for his killing, shock waves and question arose to the highest levels, because it was known these facts were on the government table all along. Question provoked more quetions and the time bomb of inequity was expoded about our system.With the addition of my album release and paperwork records confirmed, that i was highly educated in physics, mathemtics, psychology, law, had beem international on the rugby field, the destruction of my paper records and character assasination over a 20 year period was exploded.There was a great deal more,also, and the verdict stands as extremely unsafe, of 1979, as does the diagnosis. It certainly would not stand up in a court of law, whether there were areas of truth in the prosecutions arguement or not.
The extensive operations to silence me continued throughout, reaching critical areas ,at this stage, in life and health threatenning quantities, as they still do. And still to-date no offerrings of compromise , compenation or appologies have been offered.On the contrary.No legal professional has made any comment also.A deafly silence prevails. Not even recognition, inclusive of my records/albums. not even a purchase by those huge quatities of system health workers that were supposedly so interested in my case and mind-workings. In fact service and military personnel were expressly forbidden to touch my music offerrings, oulets and obstructions with the fullmight of the machine still operate,irrespective of its harmless nature and high talent. It seems the can of worms it has openned has reached unparralled hights and beyond our systems capabillity to deal with.
The fact that no other indevidual since the 1979 detainment intake ever got released and most have dissappeared, countless ammounts,with stories not to far differant to mine, raise massive questions. Claims of huge coverups and destruction of evidence I can verify from eyewitness. As could others in the system of detainment.Panic and frightening shock destruction of witness and evidences of these happenings , over the last 27 years have clumsilly gone into operation ammounting in massive ammounts of evidence incriminating button pushers at the highest level of our system , government and big business sectors .For the first time the blanket cover has tumbled to reveal the full extent of system corruption, it being almost total, now.

This one , not to un-ordinary legal case of mine has been the tip of the iceberg, but still it seems no actions have been taken.

However , now their is a great deal of documentation.

I await the law departments comment, directly on this issue.

The intense facination, expinditure, machinary, manipulation and efforts involved to milk my case is entirely without foundation, and is not relavant to me. The huge containment and house arrest politics from the highest levels that come into contact with me and my case are feeding multiple poitical and financial interests of others.No expense or actions are spared.

It is to keep the cork on the bottle of the full horrors of the bigger-than-thalidamide scandal of human experimention and damage of the enourmous ammounts of state victims.Hundreds of thousands of indeviduals have dissappeared over this time period , and people have been hidden away in the most disturning states of torture and sugferring for periods far excveeding the 27 tears involved, in unreacable and undetectable locations, with all corraborating and verifiable evidence and records of their existance destroyed.
The cover up and skills of these techniques have been inpenatrable for 30 years if not very many years longer, and for the first time documented evidence is emerging, of the inhuman attrocities that are perpetrated in secrecy and behind locked doors.

The program has relied on the fact that they can exterminate and destroy, after they have finished their work. That a detainee can be release, but with the certaintee that they can simply eliminate,in the outside world.No-one will know.

They never have in the British legal system ever delivered freedom for a client that has witnessed inside activities. Whether or not they have served their sentance, undergone any ammount of correction, punishment,deterant. Neither do the differentiate the nature of the conviction, whether innocent or guilty ,large or small offence,neither do they give a reasoning as to why in any circumstance.

Furthermore the fact that the kind affections and considerations to our community members who receive psychiatric assistance, are on the exact same program,are top priority secrets, and the frightenning fact that the BMA are the respectable controlling headquarters of this institutional HM prison and psychiatric services,is carefully shielded from public awareness. That the exact same psychology programs have always been instigated in the prison systems, people dont seem to realize.
That all these politics have extended totally into the community, for some time now, people still dont fully realize.

The game is to contain this knowlege from reaching the media, and incriminate as little of their system as possible.To minimise the scandel.
They have used me to this effect, and to isolate a smallish problem ,minimizing the awareness of hundreds of thousands of worse hit victims in their goulag systems.If neccassary a handful of professional workers,similarly.
Government machinary has been exposed, alongside the long history of their activities.

This is related to why I so often mention the artist Richard Dadd, besides doing a facinating painting whilst under 40 years of similar detention. This masterpiece in the Victoria and Albert Museum, a national,priceless treasure,proves and depicts his enlightenment and still detained a further 24 years.His story puts a similar expose down plus a secret map of the pathways,I have and others,travelled.He was beyond politics, also his paintings were concealed from circulation for 100 years or more.It is evident they were banned.He shone a light on his contemporary situation of his time.Very similar as todays situation.It is probably worse today.
This is related to some of my music recordings, similarly,although not a masterpiece in itself, outlining my willingless to endeavour, a positive non political livlihood and pay my way, as well as deliver a positive contibution to others through my talents and gifts.Still the system refused me freshair.And a simple living.

To conclude this article, I state the extrodinary case that has emerged in my instance. That unlike any other, I have a clean legal status with almost imaculate paperwork credentials, that outweigh, if examined even the top levels of our system, also I reach out to the bottom level. its With excellant mental faculties and literacies. Unique and unknown for someone in my position. Furthermeore an exceptional music talent and technical abillity. Internet, and top modern day fountain pen skills. On line ,fluently. I have also circulated my 4 albums.They speak in themselves and I have a music infra-structure that would be the envy of musicians and businessmen alike. With musical skillls to go with it.A voice.
Also miraculously have not been killed or damaged to an extent that eliminates my voice or faculties, There is no case against me.Ans multiple cases for.This chances of this, in view of the forces against, and the overwhelming numbers of my opposition, would deliver a verdict that is far beyond the law ofchance and probabillity.
So unlikely, that it defies rational explanation, if the facts be known. It is entirely without precedent.
Thei has been ir is no other in such a position as myself. Up to date entirly with our age also.This in itself is not explaiable for a detainee in such cercumstances and treatment that I have undergone, on my own steam. It contradicts everything that is believed,or profiled,from all sides.It is an achievement to even be able to read write and cope with simple arithemaetic, for someone like mysel,of 20 years detainment.
To demonstrate, the abilities to build a powerful music infras structure master tecnolgies such as computers, as far as quantum sciences,To not only be able to play the guitar itself and most other unstruments without training, but to design,manufacture record-techniques and deliver, with the design,putting website accesses and sales wheels in motion, To finance and fund the project out of minimal finances, and oppositions in all these respects,from multlination giants,And still be alive enough to see the completion of this prject, if not walk away to fight again another day,is a million to one Freak happenning.
Not by design, but the hand of fate.Neither destiny.
Timespan? 30 years?
Generation span? Four? Five?
Sole survivor?
National Treasure for a museum keeper?
Last Ancient Relic?
History of the Modern Age in a Nutshell?
The last piece of evidence pre-silicon?
Real history?
Real extinction?
A materialization from the otherside of amirror.
Beyond understanding,is the conclusion I have come to, from the information I have gathered, from my reflection.